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About us

Founded and started operations on June 2007 with the aim of providing the best advice and support regarding the maritime transportation that our clients require in their logistics chain.

Since day one we have been working non-stop focused in the dry cargo industry emphasizing in the transportation of minerals in bulk and also in containers.

Faced with the high competitiveness of the current market, our objectives are to be able to consolidate ourselves as an important strategic support for the various shippers and charterers of dry cargo in order to be able to advise clients on each shipment and contract in the most efficient way possible through our wide network of contacts and experience in the business.

Established 17 years ago

with more than 48 years of experience


At SEA BROKERS we have an extensive experience in the maritime brokerage market, operating mostly from the WCA ports and also from the ECSA focused mainly on bulk cargo and refined metals. Throughout these years of operation, we have had the opportunity to transport several million tons of mineral concentrates in a satisfactory and smooth manner, acquiring great knowledge in the different instances of each operation.

Our experience in the shipping business and on the mineral shipments is greatly enriched by the proven track record of our founding partner and CEO, with more than 45 years of experience in the industry and with a vision from different angles passing through the roles of port agent, general agent, shipping line, breakbulk cargo shipowner and maritime broker.

From the beginning of the company to the present, we have transported in a 90% bulk minerals (dry cargo) in bulkcarriers vessels and container ships with the backing of various shipowners that operated and operate from the WCSA to the USA, Asia, Europe and Africa at times.

During the last decade we have earned the trust of important exporters with whom we have had the opportunity to develop a large number of spot shipments and also develop several contracts (COA's) for thousands of metric tons from different ports of the WCSA and also from WCMEX to various ports on at least four continents.

Only in Peru we have developed shipments from several ports, such as: Callao (APM, DPW, TCSA), Salaverry (Before and during the STI concession), Matarani (Tisur), Ilo (Enapu and SPCC), Paita and Chimbote. In addition, we have extensive experience in exports from Mexican ports such as Guaymas, Manzanillo and also in some important Chilean ports, among others.

Since 2018 we have been acting as general agents and we have the support of a chilean shipowner for all their vessels calling peruvian ports. Our history in the national and international market supports us due to our professionalism, dedication and willingness to serve our clients. Always guided by the high standards of quality of service and ethics.

Our main interest is to build long term relationships and trust throughout the years by providing value to our clients on each of their projects and helping them to achieve their objectives in the shipping and chartering field.


Market monitoring

We execute the constant monitoring and communication in order to analyze the freight and vessel market, as well as the availability of cargo and orders for possible shipments.
Chartering Terms

We provide an advisory service to our clients and potential exporters in order to clarify the meaning and sense of each of the maritime and chartering terms and conditions, as well as ports information and their operating practices.
Charter party

Our services include the necessary support for the issuance of charter parties which can be prepared based on international models or also generated according to the client's needs with all the corresponding legal-maritime support.

We make the necessary filter in order to be able to offer to our exporting clients the top rated shipowners/vessel operator/shipping line options, and we also seek to offer our shipowners and/or shipping line possible cargoes from Charterers with an impeccable record.
Operations tracing

After all the fixture advice, the post-fixture is a fundamental point within the service we provide. We constantly follow up on each shipment since the nomination of the vessel until the completion of the discharge at destination, collecting all the details and relevant documentation.
Documentary control

Our team is prepared for documentary coordination from contracts to bills of lading. In addition, all the coordination of payments is also covered by our service, as well as the control and sending of contracts via courier and also digitally.
Laytime calculations

We have the preparation to elaborate and/or carefully review the calculations of each bulk shipment made, in order to execute a fair and correct shipment settlement, as well as negotiating in case of any possible discrepancies.
Legal advice

We count with the necessary experienced legal support in order to manage the contracts we execute and supervise, for our clients tranquility.

Our experience speaks for itself, so we are ready to advise our clients when evaluating and/or developing a new business that includes the maritime transport of bulk, breakbulk cargo or containerized goods.
Digital connectivity

We have all the competent technological support to be able to provide a synchronized and quality service with the necessary software to guarantee an efficient management.

Other operations

We have a great experience on Container shipments and logistics and a good relationship with most of the largest and important shipping lines working in our region.

We are also involved in the breakbulk shipping and our agreements with some inland transportation companies give us the necessary tools to build up a quality logistic proposal for the maritime transportation of metals and minerals in containers or in breakbulk as well.

Over the years we have been able to develop a learning path to provide quality in our service considering the different needs of each client.

Communication is a very important fact on this business and for that reason we are always in touch prioritizing following up, following through and following back on each client or potential one